Inbound-Assembly Shop Logistics (INASHLO) Optimization by locating temporary storage (stock) with Fuzzy – six sigma approach

Khamisabadi J.1,2,3, Rouhina M.4,5, Rahmani B.4
1 Islamic Azad University
2 Middle East BALABAN Supply Chain Engineering Co
3 World Logistics Engineering Institute
4 Iran Khodro Corporation (IKCO)
5 University of Tehran

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Том 9, Номер 4 (Октябрь-Декабрь 2019)

Khamisabadi J., Rouhina M., Rahmani B. Inbound-Assembly Shop Logistics (INASHLO) Optimization by locating temporary storage (stock) with Fuzzy – six sigma approach // Экономика, предпринимательство и право. – 2019. – Том 9. – № 4. – С. 639-658. – doi: 10.18334/epp.9.4.41525.

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The main objective of this study was to determine the best location for temporary storage to facilitate assembly lines feeding operation in the field of Inbound-Assembly Shop Logistics (INASHLO) Optimization and supply chain management in automobile assembly Tondar 90 Iranian companies. In the first step, the initial study, the assembly hall was divided into four areas .This division is based on the opinions of experts and the establishment of assembly lines. Each area separately studied by the three groups of Industrial Engineering and also introduced three proposed location in each area for establishing the temporary storage. Then, by the expert group, supplying key indicators in each of the proposed location in each area were calculated. Supply key indicators studied in this study include the transportation cost and standard time. Using a set of control data for data matching trapezoidal fuzzy numbers to classify data obtained from undergraduate studies were performed on seven floors. Then, with the use of fuzzy Topsis, priority areas and proposed locations to establishing a temporary storage in the assembly hall were determined. Finally, after two stages of research, to finally establishing a temporary storage, the second area and first proposed location in this area were selected.

Ключевые слова: INASHLO, supply chain management, logistics, Fuzzy TOPSIS, stock

JEL-классификация: M11, M21, M16


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